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Radio Solutions

Exciting times...

Radio communications is fundamentally our core business; anything from Radio Sales, Hire, Service & Installation. We work in partnership with the world leading Radio Manufacturers; Hytera, Kenwood & Motorola & more. We provide Unlicenced, Analogue & Digital two-way radio solutions.

In this exciting digital era the integrated capabilities for digital Two-Way Radio is endless. We use our IT based expertise to integrate several digital systems onsite; i.e.diverting a Lone Worker alarm from a two-way radio to a mobile phone, or pressing a button on a hand portable & opening a barrier onsite, and receiving an onsite alarm activated alert on a hand portable display. All these features & so much more are easily achievable using digital two-way radio. Its exciting times in the digital radio arena; as future proofed, cost effective solutions are easily available if engineered in the correct manner.

No limits...

There is now no limit to how far two-way radio can reach; digital radio can be networked & intersite connectivity readily available. We have large aerial masts in Nottingham, Mansfield, Lincoln & Ledenham which provide radio coverage solutions using our own trunked digital radio systems or can house your own radio system at a competitive site rate. Our aerial sites also support a wireless link infrastructure & vehicle tracking solutions.

Optional Extras...

Many of us work in noisy, busy & “lone-working” environments. Accessories are paramount for many personnel as it's vital they hear the transmission. Accessories are affordable; anything from a discreet earpiece only to Bluetooth ‘wireless’ options. We also stock replacement Batteries, Chargers, Aerials & offer a Reprogramming (while you wait) Service all at competitive prices.

We are happy to discuss our coverage capabilities within the East Midlands at your convenience.

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