Analogue radios have a long and rich history of being a reliable hand portable capable of sending and receiving radio transmissions. Whilst the future is undeniably shifting towards digital radio, analogue radio remains a cheap reliable alternative for many of our customers; who do not require the additional benefits that digital radios offer.


Due to the extent of time analogue radios have been around; there are a lot of accessories and add-ons available to older radios, due to the length of time they have been established. Although digital radios will inevitably catch up with analgoue radios; for now the old school radios remain the more established method of communication.


Due to being an older system; analogue fails to offer many of the advantages that digital radios offer. This is rightfully reflected in the price as the are usually significantly cheaper than their digital counterparts. Many of our customers choose to go with this older method of communicating, as they do not require the features that digital radios offer; therefore making analogue a much more cost-effective solution for them. However; we always recommend for our customers to be openminded; as it is likely in the future that regulations will insist on digital radios.