Wireless Links

WiFi has come an incredibly long way over the past 15 years. So much so that we now all use it and rely on it. To start with it was very slow at around 11Mb/s transfer speeds and limited to 11 channels (UK) on the 2.4GHz frequency band. But now much fast speeds are possible and as well as the 2.4GHz band the 5GHz band is becoming increasingly popular with more and more devices supporting both bands. But it’s not just our laptops and smart phones that are benefiting from the recent advancements in wireless technology.

Companies that have more than one building either next to each other or a few miles apart are waving good bye to expensive leased lines or fibre optic links to get their buildings networks talking. Instead more and more business are turning to cost effective microwave links. Once these links are in and working there are no expensive monthly or yearly line rentals to worry about anymore. Each link is set up professionally and encrypted with speeds up to 1.2Gb/s available.

Local authorities are also relying on microwave links more and more for CCTV. Not so long ago, deploying a CCTV camera in a town centre was an expensive exercise, especially with cabling costs. Now cameras can be deployed nearly anywhere so long as there is power available. Even older analogue cameras can be converted to IP and telemetry brought back over a wireless backbone. With the faster speeds, these links can easily cope with a Full High Definition picture.

Most devices nowadays can be converted to IP. And if it can be converted to IP, it can be linked to securely and efficiently via a wireless link.

Wireless Links come in all shapes & sizes, Licensed or Unlicensed & can easily relay Audio, Video & Data over a determined distance. Choosing the ultimate Wireless link, at the right price, for your exact requirements is our field of expertise. We guarantee a tailor-made system delivering maximised results from a wireless link.