Wireless Links

Wireless links are a fantastic cost-effective solution for our clients. This is because of how flexible and how easily integrated wireless links are nowadays on digital security systems. They have proved to be exceedingly reliable for our clients in recent years. The links are connected via an Internet-based and are ideal for linking between buildings.

Save costs on wiring

Save yourself costs on unnecessary wiring with wireless links. This is most advantageous when connecting two separate buildings to the same network, however, this solution is also advantageous when covering long distances internally as well (e.g. across a car park). This saves our clients’ money where they would have had to previously pay for complex underground wiring to connect buildings.

Save costs on installation times

A wireless link also saves installation costs – as it is far less time consuming to install. In the past where it would have taken half a day to install a complex cable run; this can now be achieved relatively quickly saving you money.