Digital radio represents the future of radio communications. They are currently replacing the traditional analogue radio; offering new and better quality features.

Digital radios use a mathematical system through the use of binary numbers to transmit messages from one handset to another. Digital radios offer a large variety of advantages which analgoue radios are not capable of. This includes GPS tracking, data tracking, text messaging, emergency alarms and the possibility of integrating the radio system with other security systems such as remote access.

Dual analogue/digital mode

Digital radios more often than not will come with an analogue mode; to ensure that they will be compatible with any older models that our customers may have. This makes the transition of switching from one to another a much smoother and easier experience.

Please note: it should be recognised that although digital radios are able to work with analogue radios, analogue radios are not cross-compatible with digital.

New features

Newer radios results in newer and improved features. Pick and choose from a range of different features which we tailor from a client to client basis.

From text messaging, GPS tracking, a longer battery life and even one to one calls to specific groups; these new and improved radios undoubtedly open up many more possibilities than their elder brother analogue.


A final advantage that our customers benefit from making the upgrade from analogue is that it allows you to integrate your radios into other various security systems located on the site. For example, they can be integrated so that the radios are connected to the building’s fire alarm so that in the event of a fire a message automatically appears on the screen of the radio detailing where exactly in the property the fire is located.