At Radcomm UK we offer radios to our customers that can either be purchased and bought outright or rental. Whilst many enjoy the advantages that purchasing a radio outright offers; many of our clients prefer to rent radios instead due to the advantages doing so offers.


  • Our customers benefit from maintenance and Radcomm aftercare. This includes free repairs on general wear and tear and a free battery replacement on your hand portable. We will also allow you to borrow a loan radio on a temporary basis whilst your radio is in for repair.
  • Our customers are able to simplify the procedure of upgrading their radio system. Renting avoids incredibly high one of costs to change out your old and redundant radio systems. Prices will often stay around the same price when you upgrade to your original bill (however; we will occasionally raise our prices to match inflation).


  • You will never own the hand portable and the procedure of maintaining your radio communication system becomes a financial liability to your company.